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Adult Co-ed Gi and NoGi 

All levels Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. Gi classes will teach traditional principles wearing a Gi. NoGi classes are taught without the Gi and will teach BJJ without use and grips the Gi provides. It is recommended that everyone begin in Gi classes and consult with your instructors when you are ready to move to NoGi classes as they are faster paced and less controlled.

Kids Class

Kids class teaches BJJ fundamentals in a fun and controlled environment. Beginning at age 4, kids will learn techniques used in BJJ at appropriate age levels to build a strong foundation as a jiu jitsu practitioner. Students will practice everyday skills like following directions, listening, self regulation, gross motor skills, and movement, all while having fun. There is a strong emphasis on learning self defense and anti bullying

Adult Striking

Adult Striking is an all levels class using Thai Pads with a partner. This class is great for anyone looking to start Kickboxing up to those who want to spar. This class teaches technical movement and proper technique, taught by high level and veteran fighters. 

Women's Kickboxing

Women's Kickboxing is a fun, energetic cardio kickboxing class that emphasizes proper technique rooted in principles of Muay Thai. Classes are taught using thai pads with a partner. There is also body weight movements and weighted movement integrated in the class. Classes will also include useful defense techniques every woman should know. 

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