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Come Train with the Best

Pellegrino Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is The Premier Mixed Martial Arts Training Center at the Jersey Shore since 2008. Kurt Pellegrino is a highly decorated UFC, Bellator, and ADCC veteran and world renowned jiu jitsu grappler. Kurt is a 3rd stripe black belt under BJJ legend Marcelo Garcia. Classes are expertly curated under his supervision by himself and his team of high level coaches. Classes are appropriate for all skill levels, whether it is your first time on the mat, up to black belt. The center specializes in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and also offers kids classes, women's Kickboxing, and striking classes. 

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Kurt's Accolades

3rd degree black belt certified IBJJF

7-5 UFC record

2x NJ state finals

Region six champion and MVP

Region six Hall of Fame

Pt. Pleasant Borough Hall of Fame, Pt. Pleasant Borough Wrestling Hall of Fame, Retired singlet

13-0 Grapplers Quest super fight champion

Grapplers Quest Hall of Fame

NJ MMA Hall of Fame

US trials runner up

Pan Am gi gold medalist

Pan Am nogi black belt gold medalist

3x New York Open gold medalist

14 fights in the UFC

5 fight of the night plus submission of the night winner

Arnold Classic Open champion

Fight to Win winner via submission of the Night 

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    DOS & DON'TS

    Pellegrino Mixed Martial Arts Guidelines

    1) Arrive 10-15 minutes early to class: We have a lot to prepare for before each and every class. Make sure you arrive early to give yourself enough time to get on the mat.
    2) No jewelry or beauty accessories on the mat: These can seriously injure someone. Please make sure to take off everything besides what is required.
    3) Always respect the higher belts on the mat.

    4) All skill levels are welcome and classes are formatted so that there will be appropriate instruction for everyone. There are always plenty of instructors to assist with newer students

    5) Ask questions. This is how you will get better!

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