Kurt Pellegrino

Kurt Pellegrino


2nd degree Black Belt Certified IBJJF

Founder / Co-Owner / Head Instructor

Kurt Pellegrino has dedicated over 12 years to the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). A wrestler by nature, Kurt was a two-time NJ state wrestling finalist for Pt Pleasant Boro high school. He made the transition to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in 1999 where he began training with Team Renzo Gracie and Ricardo Almeida. Kurt made a move to the American Top Team in 2005 to follow his dreams of competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He represented ATT for a few victorious fights.

In November of 2005, Kurt was promoted to black belt in BJJ. In 2006 he represented  The Armory training center in Jupiter Florida. Kurt fought his first UFC fight in July of 2006, at welterweight. In October of the same year Kurt made the transition to his more comfortable weight class, lightweight.

Kurt is currently one of the most exciting UFC lightweight contenders, earning Submission of the Night and Fight of the Night honors in 5 separate bouts. His 2008 victory over Thiago Tavares at UFC 88 was awarded the #2 fight of the year by UFC.com. Coach Kurt has a total of 13 UFC fights under his belt. Aside from competing in the sport of MMA, Kurt is an accomplished grappler, winning numerous Grapplers Quest National titles, he was a Pan American gold medalist, Arnold Classic Champion, and was one of the 16 competitors invited to compete in the World Championship Abu Dhabi’s in 2007, where he lost to Marcelo Garcia in the semi-finals. Kurt has impressive grappling wins over many talented athletes, including Mike Fowler, Mark Bocek, Marcus Aurelio, Edson Diniz, Daniel Moraes, Rick Macauley, Bill Cooper, Scott Schilling, Tyrone Glover, Daniel Moraes, and Marcos Avellan.  Kurt trains with his BJJ coach and 4-time world champion, Marcelo Garcia on a consistent basis in NYC.

Kurt has relocated to the Jersey shore, where he was born and raised to help spread the art of brazilian jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts. While Kurt is a gifted fighter and grappler, he is an even better coach and instructor. He has a passion for teaching and passing his knowledge on to his students and his fight team. His personality is infectious and his teaching style unique. He is looking forward to welcoming many new members to his BJJ and MMA family.

2nd degree Black Belt Certified IBJJF
7-5 UFC Record
Two-time New jersey state finals
Region six champion and MVP
Region six Hall of Fame
Point Pleasant Borough Hall of Fame
Point Pleasant Borough wrestling Hall of Fame
Point Pleasant Boro retired singlet
13-O grapplers quest super fight champion
Grapplers quest Hall of Fame
New Jersey MMA Hall of Fame
US trials runner up
Pan Am gi gold medalist
Pan Am nogi black belt gold medalist
Three-time New York open gold medalist
Two-time New York open open class gold medalist
14 fights in the UFC
5 fight of the night plus submission of the night winner
Arnold classic open champion
Fight to win winner via submission of the night

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