What Our Customers Think...

Michael Lui, 30

Since training at Kurt’s school, I’ve had a healthier and better outlook on life. It has also given me the motivation to take up other active sports such as biking, running, and weight training. One of the great things I really do love about this gym is there are no egos. From the pro-fighters, to the higher ranked belts, everyone is willing to help one another improve. The school offers a lot of classes, to tailor to everyone’s needs. Whether you’re a kid looking to get into Jujitsu, or someone looking to get into shape and live a healthier life, the instructors here are very friendly, and knowledgeable.

Michael Lui, 30 BJJ & Kickboxing
Robert Kanniard, 12

Our son Robert Kanniard is 12 years old and has been going to Kurt Pellegrinos since he was 5. For seven years he has trained at the academy in wrestling, jujitsu, muay thai. Thanks to Kurt and his staff Robert has always placed in competition. Kurt has taught Robert respect and discipline. Robert’s favorite sport is wrestling. Kurt created a wrestler for Wall Intermediate school with a record of 10 and 1 currently with 9 pins. Kurt even took the time out of his busy schedule to came to one of his matches to cheer him on. Other parents tell us a lot how good Robert is at wrestling. Kurt and his staff trained him. Robert looks up to Kurt and considers him an great role model. We look forward to a lot more training and hard work at Kurt Pellegrino’s Mixed Martial Arts!!!!!

Robert Kanniard, 12 BJJ, Wrestling, Kickboxing
Chris Zeh

I brought my son and his two friends to train during their kids Jiu-Jitsu class. The three instructors they had were great with the kids. They broke down all the positions so kids of all levels could understand them. The other students were very respectful and made the boys feel welcomed. I highly recommend KPMMA.

Chris Zeh Kids MMA
Chris Froelich

Kurt and crew are unbelievable. Incredible training. Place rocks!!

Chris Froelich
John Martino, 33

I started training with Kurt nearly 5 years ago, because I was out of shape and looking for something more dynamic than weight training and running. I had trained a few times at another BJJ gym and was discouraged, as they didn’t take the time to show me the basics. They would teach a move but wouldn’t show me how to get to the position in the first place. Once I started training with Kurt and his staff, all of this changed. I learned the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from the ground up. Kurt has a way to break down the basics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in such a way that anyone can learn it. He and his staff also incorporate the physical aspect of training, where I lost over 40 pounds in the first six months of training with Kurt. He also has a way of keeping class fun and exciting.

John Martino, 33 BJJ and Kickboxing
Michele O’Toole, 40

I have been enrolled at Kurt Pellegrino’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy for about 3 months. From the day I first came to Pellegrino’s I have always felt very welcomed and apart of an amazing, goal oriented, athletic and well respected school. Everyone who walks in Kurt’s door is always greeted from Kurt or Melissa with a smile on their face and happy to see you. My training has been amazing and Kurt gives nothing but encouragement to me as I am training and its a good feeling. I have gained confidence in myself from being at Pellegrino’s knowing that he will always take a moment to give you a high five or even just to say “good job today”. I want to take my strength to a higher level and get fit!

Michele O’Toole, 40 Cross Fit/Cardio kickboxing/Thai Boxing
Mike Kane

So blessed to have my son Aiden be a part of such a great group of teachers in MMA and Wrestling. Kurt and all of his coaches really put an emphasis on focusing on their students. They find their strengths and build upon them, only to help them better understand their weaknesses. I have seen a change in my son not only in his training, but outside of school. He is respectable and also caring towards others because they instill a team mentality into their students. This is the top school on the East Coast!

Mike Kane Kids MMA
Louis Brown

Great place man look forward to going every week

Louis Brown

I began kickboxing when I was 16; however, it wasn’t until I joined KPMMA that I realized I could take my interest of kickboxing and change my life. I kickboxed at the academy for 6 months before becoming interested in jiu jitsu. Once I started, there was no looking back. I was hooked. Not only does the sport of MMA help to release all of my days built up stress but it teaches me self defense and has allowed me to build unforgettable friendships. The instructors at the academy are not only knowledgeable and helpful but fun and approachable. Kurt, among many of the other instructors have quickly become some of my favorite people both on and off the mat. I have learned more in my short time at KPMMA than anywhere else I had previously trained and the ever changing lesson plans help to further my skills.

Michaela Sorrentino, 20 MMA, kickboxing, bjj

I’ve been training at Pellegrino Academy for about 16 months.I joined because I feel it’s the only training that is all inclusive, cardio, strength,self defense, discipline.  At Pellegrino Academy, Coach Kurt is there every day to train and teach, it’s not just his name on the front door.

Rob M, 43 BJJ